MPS Assessment

Because companies are made up of people!

Each employee selection is an opportunity to enhance the company's competitive edge. Because companies are made up of people, strategic goals can be achieved by developing experts and identifying the potential needed.

With our assessment, we recognize both the ability and the potential of the future of the individual. Our assessment is an effective tool in all workplace situations when there is a need to evaluate the skills, strengths and areas of development of the personnel in relation to the company's goals. The importance of assessment is great, especially in situations where the task in question is significant for the company's competitive advantage.

Our certified consultants will carry out the assessment while listening to your organisation’s needs and appreciating the individual.

We have modern and proven methods in use that are of high quality and most suitable for each situation. Our assessment is based on multiple methods and we continuously develop the tools we use and our assessment processes.

We also regularly collect feedback from the people who participated in the assessment and from our clients and we receive grateful feedback on the service and customer experience. At MPS, we also ensure quality through internal certification of assessment and quality audit.

We are proud of the satisfied candidates and we will invest on every encounter.

Aptitude Assessment

Building a successful organisation requires that you recruit the right people for the job. In recruitment the assessment process begins with defining the criteria for success. We decide on the objectives of the assessment together with the supervisor responsible for the recruitment.

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Leadership Assessment

In MPS Leadership Assessments, we emphasize the suitability of the leader's personality to the operating environment and its challenges. The starting point of the assessment is to map out the organization's situation, the needs of the future, and the culture on which we define the criteria for each leader position.

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Assessment of Potential

Assessment of potential is useful when we are looking to map the company's situation from a knowledge perspective or when we think about a career path of a single employee ad their ability to face new challenges. It also provides valuable information for more extensive development programs.

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