Support continuous learning with impactful digital and blended learning solutions

Continuous learning is the key ingredient in the continued success of your organisation. How do you engage individuals and systematically develop competencies at every level of your organisation?

Systematic and methodical competence development creates competitive advantage, and any meaningful change involves learning. When you learn how to learn, you win. However, building a shared culture of learning and making the most of the technology available requires processes, concepts, tools and a thorough understanding of work behaviour and human-centred design. We at MPS Prewise are your expert partner in digital learning and change implementation.

Do you have a topic on which you need to train your personnel safely and easily?

We design and implement motivating and engaging digital learning solutions that support active learning and meet the needs of your target audience.

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How do you deliver training systematically?

Do you have a range of different target groups whose participation and learning outcomes need to be monitored, measured and reported? Are you interested in creating some or all of the learning content yourself?

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What should be considered when developing a roadmap for your online learning?

Have you already considered which learning framework(s) to use? How does your organization utilize existing sources of information and channels of communication? How can you create impactful learning content?

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Are you interested in finding out more about our references?

We design digital learning content such as e-learning, videos, gamified microlearning and blended learning solutions for our customers. We also help you create great e-learning in-house, and provide the necessary tools and consultations for it.

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