Comprehensive Leadership and Organizational Development

Success comes from your organisation’s and leaders’ ability to recognise talent that will give you a competitive edge over others. MPS services focus on organisation and leadership development by benefiting from the diversity of people. Good leadership enables people to recognise their own potential, to develop according to their own goals or to relocate to a new, suitable professional role.

We base our services on the principle of combining our expertise on people’s behaviour at work and the business world. We plan the development processes together with you and implement them in a solution-focused manner. Our way of working is hands-on: we rely on people’s capabilities. We offer our clients valuable growth.

In our services we make use of organisational and leadership surveys and assessment tools executed by our research department. In addition, we utilise researched and proven HR assessment tools, such as leadership style and personality analyses. As a pioneer in elearning, MPS's digital learning instruments, together with local trainings are the tools we use in practice.

Board Development

Board Development improves the internal board work. MPS offers a wide range of services for evaluating and developing board work. As a result of the board development process of MPS the board can better identify and utilize the expertise of each member.

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Management Team Development

MPS is a forerunner in the development of leadership work, with many years of experience. As a result of the development process of MPS, the management team can better identify and utilize the competences of each member, maximize conversational efficiency and focus on its mission.

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Development of supervisory work

Good supervisory work is a prerequisite for business success, because well-led people become motivated and therefore they act more effectively in the right direction. The purpose of our leadership development services is to strengthen management at individual and organizational levels.

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Organizational Research

Our research unit has experience in organizational and employee behavior, strong know-how in psychometric and methodological planning and analyzing, as well as technologically modern and flexible solutions. Our range of services is wide - check it out!

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Continuous learning with online training

As a pioneer in e-learning, MPS's digital learning tools, together with local coaching, are the tools we use in practice. We believe in the power of diverse coaching. We provide the pedagogical expertise in online training contents as well as the technology designed for business use.

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Mentoring and Business Coaching

Our MPS Cross Company mentoring program enables the growth of individuals through apt pairing. Business Coaching is an individual development process where a person builds their own abilities with the help of a certified coach. Check out our customer experiences!

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Cultural Due Diligence Inventory

MPS Executive & Board have created a unique assessment model analyzing the company culture as well as current and future management potential. We benchmark the results with buyer expectations.

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