Board Competence

As companies, corporate management and competencies develop, it follows that corporate governance by the board also takes new forms. We provide comprehensive services for evaluating and developing board work. 

Board members need to have the relevant skills and the time to respond, but they must also have the ability to utilise these resources efficiently. A board of directors that generates added value always has to stay one step ahead of the competition - in a multicultural environment as well.

MPS focuses on improving internal board work. The roles of the board and top-level management must be clearly defined. One of the most important factors for effective board work is the appreciation between the chairman and the managing director. An external sparring consultant makes it possible to develop operations objectively and logically, and to use comparative data for reaching the set goals. We help to identify the competences of the board members and make good use of them in the board work effectively.

Our services for the development of board work

Assessment and development of board performance are essential for the company’s competitiveness, as increasingly rapid responses and ability to act in changing operating environments are required of corporate boards and management teams. We offer two service concepts for the development of board performance, providing support in its assessment and development processes.

MPS Board Barometer®

An all-round concept for assessing board performance. The survey allows our client to make evaluations of the board's operations and cooperation with the CEO.

MPS Board Analyser®

This is a comprehensive board performance assessment and development process, including in-depth interviews of board members and the CEO as well as group coaching of board members.

MPS Due Diligence

We offer a versatile and expert service packages for situations such as changes of ownership or company mergers, when there is a need to assess the profile of the board, management or personnel. Service concepts for changes of ownership and support in company deals by providing Due Diligence services:

  • Board Due Diligence
  • Management Due Diligence
  • HR Due Diligence

We have solid experience in assessing both big and small operators.