MPS People Analytics – concrete support for the development of operational culture and business

MPS People Analytics has implemented hundreds of research projects relating to employee experience for more than 30 years. Our core competencies include the planning and implementation of research to support business development. Our extensive range of services includes organizational culture surveys, 360 assessments, board and management team surveys and traditional wellbeing at work and employee surveys.

When examining an organization’s operational culture, strengths and development targets, or future challenges, it is crucial to gain a clear and reliable overview. Reliable research data is needed as basis for decision-making, but research alone is not enough. Absolutely crucial preconditions for successful development projects include analyzing the collected observations, prioritizing them and putting them into concrete terms. That is why all our research projects begin with the question: what is it in concrete terms that we want to achieve through the research?

Solid competence in understanding individuals’ behavior at work

The purpose of all research is to investigate the studied phenomenon and learn something new about it. The basis of MPS Research operations lies in understanding the operations of organizations, and individuals’ behavior at work. This is ensured by MPS Enterprises’ psychologists and dozens of certified business consultants and coaches. Our operations combine strong behavioral science insight, professional expertise in planning and analysis and technologically modern and flexible solutions.

We never leave you with the results only

We never send you just the research report, and will never leave a client with the results only. Our operations are based on confidential and interactive partnership and reaching the goals set with clients. Our aim is to achieve results in a human-oriented, responsible way, providing long-term concrete solutions.

The measures we use to support the utilization of research results and the practical implementation of development measures include development of leadership and managerial work, and online training. We are your advisors in the comprehensive planning of digital learning and achievement of effective change.

Employee survey

Employee surveys are integral to goal-oriented HR management and a key asset in a manager’s toolkit.

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Successful organizations invariably have innovative leadership in the background.

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Organizational culture and change

A strong culture is a competitive asset which cannot be copied.

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“A 360 assessment is a comprehensive development tool, providing, through repeated measurements, an excellent opportunity to monitor development at the organizational level, in teams and individually.”

Minnamari Marttila
Director of Administration, Finnfund

“As a partner, MPS has succeeded very well. They have provided us with exactly the service we wanted and the results of the cooperation are distinctly verifiable.”

Juha Rusama

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