Advertised Search – Visible employer image communication

With our recruitment services, you gain experts for specialist, managerial and management positions. Together with you, we will build a modern employer image and a good applicant experience.

Recruitment can only be successful if the best candidates are involved. An advertised search is an effective way to tell the story of the job position, that is, to build an employer image. MPS’s recruitment marketing experts build a media plan to reach exactly the desired audiences. The use of social media and digital channels makes it possible to target just the right target groups. Job search is also a cost-effective option when it is known that the employer and the job are of interest and that there are enough potential job seekers.

MPS Search is a solution when looking for people for expert or middle management tasks that are challenging in terms of competence requirements or the location of the workplace. If you are looking for people for key positions in boards, senior management and demanding expert positions, our MPS Executive Search services are at your disposal.

In every recruitment, we want to ensure that all applicants are given the right kind of image of the recruiting organization and that being involved in a job search is a positive and self-developing experience. With our recruitment services, you ensure a superior applicant experience that is easy, humane and promotes the applicant’s career.

Recipe for successful recruitment

We meet several thousand people every year at different stages of the job search, which gives us a comprehensive picture of the job market. Read our recipe for successful recruitment.

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Recruitment Training

At MPS, we develop our clients' recruitment expertise and applicant experience. We organize open recruitment and social media trainings every year, as well as customized organization-specific recruitment coaching.

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